Buttock Pain

Buttock pain is a feeling of discomfort or pain in the buttocks area. Made up of three gluteal muscles with gluteus maximus as the largest, the buttocks comprise the part behind the pelvis which helps in supporting the body while standing up. It is also responsible for the movement of the legs, hips, and the trunk. It is also responsible in cushioning the pelvis when sitting because of the layers of fat that surround it. Composed of several nerves and blood vessels, the buttocks is a sensitive part of the body that is usually prone to stress, pain, and complications.

buttock pain


There are several ways in which pain in the buttock part can occur. It can be associated with the feeling of numbness, tingling, straining, or burning in the buttocks area. How long the discomfort stays is also dependent on how severe the complication is. While there are some that only lasts for a few minutes or hours, there are also some that can last for months. Thus, if you think the pain has been going on for month; do not hesitate in seeking prompt medical attention and care. This is because pain in the buttocks can also be a symptom of underlying medical conditions that can range from mild to severe. When left untreated, buttock pain can lead to complications especially when the main root of the problem is not responded or treated.

piriformis syndromeThere are a number of reasons on why buttock coccyx pain occurs. It can be associated with strenuous activity that lacks improper or inadequate stretching. Also, failure to do the necessary warm-ups and adequate cooling down exercise can also cause painful strains in the buttocks area. In addition, over-sitting will also cause numbness that will eventually lead to lower buttock pain. Too much strain on the buttocks area due to prolonged periods of standing can also cause muscle cramps or upper buttocks pain. These are just minor causes of pain in the butt, thus they can be treated right at home with ice, over-the counter anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers, and adequate rest.

lower buttock pain

Aside from these causes, buttock pain is also associated with serious conditions like bone fractures, abrasions, rectal and anal complications like hemorrhoids and anal abscess, sciatica, hip arthritis, spinal complications like spinal stenosis, cysts, shingles, and even bone cancer. Thus, it is always better to have yourself checked and treated by medical professionals. These conditions can cause mild to severe complications, chronic pain, reduced mobility, leg, hip, or back paralysis, permanent disability, or even death.

causes of buttock pain

So do not ignore body pains. Pain in any part of the body might just be a slight discomfort that will eventually fade out in time. However, this pain, like a simple buttock and piriformis pain, can actually be a precursor or sign of underlying medical conditions that needs medical care and attention.